JavaScript App Developer


If you want to be part of a creative team of self-starters who love to pursue new challenges, then we here at FreshMail have something that just might be for you.

We all know that the world is changing fast around us. So we are all learning how to empower our teams to self-organise and reach their goals in their own way while making sure they work seeing the broader picture. So if you're looking to be able to challenge yourself and explore new possibilities of technologies we use - you will feel great with us.

We also know that sometimes things can occasionally go wrong, or you will need to learn more to tackle the problem - believe us, we know exactly how it feels. You will want to prove that you can do it all. And that's great. Share with us what you have learnt. But if you get stuck - we are happy to help you with our expertise.


  • Designing and implementing new functionalities using JS applications
  • Optimising the existing application code, including redesigning the approach we took
  • Educating other members of the team


  • Have a nice and passion driven personality
  • Working with agile teams - team skills are essential
  • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap framework, jQuery library and JavaScript(ES5/ES6)
  • Ability to use any automation tool like Gulp or Grunt
  • Ability to use package managers like NPM, Bower or Webpack
  • Knowledge of AngularJS and BackboneJS
  • Familiarity with the differences in code interpretation among different browsers
  • Knowledge of creating interfaces based on modern Responsive Web Design solutions, fluid, grid.

What we can promise you

  • Scale - we develop a system that has a scale which boosts experience like no other, our amount of user requests per seconds, milliseconds to respond with the data we deal with - gives you perfect environment to learn new tricks
  • We will develop any appropriate backend services you will require. We can promise help you will require, including some of the technologies like: Elasticsearch, ReactX etc. Tools are only means to develop the right solutions, which we are after.
  • You will be challenged with what you build - we really believe in pushing our limits beyond what we can read in user manuals


You will get some extra points for

  • Showing us some experience with test-driven development
  • Showing us some experience with developing interactive apps using JS (we really like AngularJS and React)
  • Showing us that good programmer is a “lazy” one and automates her/his stuff

What we can offer you?

Make yourself at home while working with us in a comfortable, modern office.

Make new friends, including native speakers of English to help you develop your language skills.

Keep in shape with free membership in health clubs.

Enjoy the freedom and space to work the way you want.

And that’s the just the start...

7 reasons why you should work with us at FreshMail

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