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We here at FreshMail have been providing an amazing platform for email marketing based on the SaaS model for nine years.

We are the leader in the Polish market and we have our sights set on increasing our brand awareness around the world. We’re looking for someone to lead our ten-member marketing team on a mission to conquer new lands!

Our marketers are creative, motivated and very agile. We use Scrum and work according to the principles of "continuous learning and improvement”. We use stand-ups, planning sessions and retrospectives to get the most out of our day.

We believe in and act according to the values of respect, commitment, openness, courage and focus. We hope that you have the same approach to marketing and you can fit right in to the work culture here at FreshMail.

To help us reach our goal of climbing to the top of the world of email marketing, we’re looking for someone - maybe you? - with experience in B2B marketing in the international market, primarily the English-speaking world.

We would appreciate a history of leading multi-channel campaigns using modern lead generation tools and a growth-hacker mentality. In the world of Saas, generating new sales is as important as knowing how to hold on to existing customers. Is that one of the skills in your arsenal? If so, get in touch and let’s talk about it.

We’re not afraid to experiment and make mistakes. The important part is to learn what happened when things go wrong and learn from it. We go back to the drawing board, set new goals, make sure we’re on the right path and try again. If this is how you deal with setbacks, then you’ll feel at home with us.

In FreshMail, there’s no place for “command and control” structures or “micro management” of everything you do. We expect a "servant leadership” attitude from our leaders, where you act as a mentor and coach for everyone on your team. It’s about providing support to the team, achieving goals and creating a self-organising mentality.

We expect applicants to communicate well both in Polish and in English. We hope you will have the courage to come up with new ideas and suggestions to help push us forward. It is important, however, that you do it with respect to us and the people around you.

As leader of the marketing team, you will be responsible for, among other things:

  • Developing and executing strategies to build the FreshMail brand to create awareness and affinity among decision makers in target audiences
  • Creating a Lead Generation & Account Based Marketing Strategy to meet FreshMail's revenue growth objectives on the international market
  • Enhancing customer loyalty, preventing customer attrition, generating repeat business
  • Integrating campaigns across multiple channels, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of new initiatives, assessing results and continuously refining marketing plans
  • Aligning Marketing with Sales Efforts. Performing strategic planning with sales leadership participation, leveraging sales activities and programs, providing quality sales support
  • Establishing and maintaining budgets and identifying cost saving opportunities

Thanks and we hope to speak with you soon over coffee in our office in Krakow!

What we can offer you?

Make yourself at home while working with us in a comfortable, modern office.

Make new friends, including native speakers of English to help you develop your language skills.

Keep in shape with free membership in health clubs.

Enjoy the freedom and space to work the way you want.

And that’s the just the start...

7 reasons why you should work with us at FreshMail

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